Catholicoi of the Twelve Houses
  1. Catholicos Garendra* {Worldwide jurisdiction, Contact}
  2. Catholicos Keter* {Worldwide jurisdiction}
  3. Catholicos Fratama* {Worldwide jurisdiction}
  4. Catholicos Roshn* {Worldwide jurisdiction}
  5. Catholicos Ajahn* {Asia}
  6. Catholicos Aloban* {Eastern Europe}
  7. Catholicos Benyamin* {North and South America, Western Europe, Contact}
  8. Catholicos Narendra* and Catholicos Barendra* {North and South America, Western Europe}
  9. Catholicos Suryo
  10. Catholicos Yoshua
  11. Catholicos Sidda
  12. Catholicos Zoran
* indicates senior authority
indicates officers of the Council of Four
15 February 2016 — The following Mirs were recently appointed to their stations in Terra Nova:

Mir Abharan
Mir Aduman
Mir Adanaro
Mir Adina
Mir Aditya
Mir Alden
Mir Alexis
Mir Ardashir
Mir Bandar
Mir Besano
Mir Daniel
Mir Dasin
Mir Demetrios
Mir Elisabet
Mir Farshad
Mir Nathan
Mir Shapur
Mir Sharvad
Mir Thoma
Mir Zacharias


21 December 2014 — We welcome the descent of various senior Tarendrans from the upper Houses to Terra Nova/"new land" (2 Tr 12:37, 38) listed below:

Mir Adamun
Mir Alborz
Mir Amrasa
Mir Arvel
Mir Atava
Mir Avulik
Mir Bahman
Mir Batramati
Mir Darendra
Mir Davnar
Mir Derokhan
Mir Diboro
Mir Erdin
Mir Esher
Mir Framarz
Mir Grasim
Mir Kharsa
Mir Khenar
Mir Mardin
Mir Norbrin
Mir Rivdar
Mir Shershah
Mir Tavin
Mir Telaro
Mir Telikharus
Mir Vitaro
Mir Volantii
Mir Zado


21 December 2014 — Catholicoi Send Shab-e Yalda Greetings (Read More, LINK BROKEN)


Terra Nova/"new land"
“I am creating a new place, a new land, where the pure ones will be gathered, a place where they shall undergo further instruction for assisting the remaining souls in the earth. In the new land, which is adjacent to New Amarna within the Horizon of Light in that place is divine teaching, peaceful meditation, blessed music, Godly love, and true compassion. Only the purest among the disciples of Mani may obtain a home in the new land, for there shall be no ignorance, no blindness and no darkness there.” (2 Tr 12:37, 38)
Population of Terra Nova: 200+ (December 2014)
What is Catholicos?
The spiritual head of a Kenushta/Spiritual Assembly is a Catholicos (plural: catholicoi) or Catholicos Patriarch; only the biological offspring of one of the Divine Messengers may serve in this office of responsibility.

There are twelve central catholicoi. These are often referred to as the heads of the Twelve Houses and are given the title "Mir" and granted the necessary spiritual powers to carry out their duties. They have the responsibility of appointing others to assist them.


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