Because We Sin All the Time

I had someone someone ask if there was anything in the First Pillar that plainly states that alms-giving can remove sins. Absolutely!

“For alms-giving saves from death and purges away every sin. Those who give alms will enjoy a full life.” (Tobit 12:9, NRSV)

It can’t get any plainer than that.

But, someone will ask, “Why do people die even after making their alms offering?” Everyone and everything physical literally dies, eventually. Our joy comes not from material things, but from Mshikha alone. If we are faithful and if we are obedient in the Commandments, one being alms-giving, we can die with a good conscious, and when we are judged, it will be seen that our soul is near being perfect.

Our Eternal Father has made it clear that alms-giving is a form of cleansing from sin. Yeshua Mshikha died as a Ransom Sacrifice for us, and what that did for us human beings is open the gate of opportunity to come to the Eternal Father. If we did not have that sacrifice on our behalf, we would be lost forever. Death would be the only thing we could look forward to. There would be no paradise, no eternal life in the presence of the Heavenly Father.

Because we sin all the time, we have the mark of sin on us at all times. When we approach the altar to pray for forgiveness, have we forgiven our brothers and sisters for doing us wrong? Have we made our alms offerings? Have we broken any of the Commandments, even the “smallest”?

Let’s strive to take this opportunity as often as we are able. The Almighty affords us this facet of our faith so that we can continually walk with Him.

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