What is the answer to the Coronavirus?

Should the body of Believers put their trust in a world controlled by the evil one? A world filled with arrogance, pride and self centeredness? A world that caused this problem? The answer is NO!

Our faith should always be in our Heavenly Father who controls all things according to His Will.

As Believers what should we do concerning the Coronavirus? Most importantly, we should pray. Ask our Heavenly Father to protect us, our family and other Believers and to keep us healthy. Then we should do our part by not being around big crowds as much as possible. Practice good hygiene. Take care of our bodies with good nutritional habits. Ask people who are wanting to visit and are sick to stay home.  

Put our mark of faith and trust in our Heavenly Father on our hearts and in faith on all entrances of our homes. Never stop believing in Yahweh’s Will and power. If you should get sick then take care of yourself and ask for His healing touch.

Do not be a part of a world that is panicking and filled with unbelief. A world that puts it’s trust in man for the answers.

Trust in Who controls all things – our Heavenly Father. All things are possible for those who believe!

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